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The Painted Maze Inc
Horse Rescue + Healing Collective

A sanctuary where the equine spirit can be free and healing is available to all hearts. Join us, horses and humans together, as we journey into the maze. 


The Painted Maze exists to help horses and people together. We like to say, "people helping horses helping people." Our work with horses is a collaboration of equine advocates and trained psychotherapists devoted to saving horses from slaughter providing safe haven, direct care and loving forever homes while healing people along the way.  

While nurturing our herd at the sanctuary, we stand as a strong link in a chain of rescue warriors collaborating with other rescue organizations saving equines from slaughter and placing them in loving forever homes. We envision an end to the barbarous cycle of horse slaughter for profit and emphasize the importance of putting equine welfare above commercial interests. We work daily toward ending generational systems of trauma bringing healing to horses and humans. At The Painted Maze, healing happens on many levels; it's in the day to day moments and our long term goals. We see horses as exemplary models of resilience and the power of a harmonious relationship of people, horses and healing. 

Become a rescue warrior! You can help put an end to the slaughter of equines for profit and help those abandoned to this terrible fate. The Painted Maze relies on the generous support of donors, friends and sponsors. Partner with us and join the fight! 

The Painted Maze Inc is a 501c3 corporation. EIN 87-2551547

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