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About Amber

She is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, partner, mother, daughter, sister and friend to both equines and humans. It is her honor to work with humans supporting them in their healing journeys. She believes individuals already possess everything needed to heal their inner wounds. Psychotherapy is simply a way to illuminate one's unique, healing path. Horses offer tremendous support in navigating this inner journey by helping people access deeper self-awareness, explore inner feelings, and examine generational patterns.


 She believes horses are magic. For those equines at the Painted Maze that choose to offer their healing support to humans, they share their strength, resilience and sensitivity. Simply being in their presence there is much one can learn about oneself, the stories one carries and one's ability to heal. In addition to her psychotherapeutic work she is committed to ending the appalling cycle of horse slaughter and abuse and supporting healing and safety for all equines. Amber has a deep gratitude for all these incredible Beings teach her and looks forward to supporting others as they journey into the maze. 

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