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About Michelle


For Michelle it is a dream realized to stand as sentinel for the horses at The Painted Maze Inc. In addition to the day to day care of the herd she works to educate those unfamiliar with the slaughter-for-profit cycle hundreds of thousands of equines fall victim to each year. Michelle holds an MA in Counseling Psychology and is experienced in the healing potentials of dreaming, meditation, hypnagogia, and ways the symbolic language of non-ordinary states translate into the personal language of the soul. Her passion for healing for both animals and people crystalized one night in a vivid dream about a magical partnership with a wild red roan horse. With this dream a course was set. She sought out an accomplished Horse Constellation Facilitator to engage in a year long mentorship program and continued constellation studies. That program and its rescue horses from the Premarin industry represented a clear picture of how to incorporate this eclectic horse therapy into her work and the urgency of helping horses that suffer at the hands of humans. She sees horses as exemplary models of resilience and the power of harmonious relationship between people, horses, and healing. 


Michelle's Upcoming Program Offerings:  


Nature Constellations with Horses for Groups and Individuals: 

Allow Nature, horses and your somatic awareness (acknowledging your body's response) help restore balance and bring clarity to your life. Participate in this profound experience to uncover hidden dynamics in relationships and restore the natural flow of powerful ancestral energy into your being. 


Moving Toward Wholeness; Tending the Fragmented Self: 

Nourish and reintegrate aspects of self left behind or put aside by traumatic experiences. Come together in the strength of all that makes you, You!


Dreamwork: Decoding the symbology of your dreams and become acquainted with your personal language of the soul. 


Exploration of Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness:

Ground into Mother Earth as you journey with intention.


Finding Your Personal Mythology through Constellations: Identify patterns and behaviors by finding their origin. Redefine and recreate the life you dream to live. 

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