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Ways to Contribute

 We are always in need of funds to pull horses from kill pens, connect them with loving forever homes and care for our permanent herd here at The Painted Maze. We welcome volunteers and encourage all rescues nationwide to join our network of rescue warriors.  

Looking for a way to be involved but don't have time to volunteer? Become a rescue warrior! You can help put an end to the slaughter of equines for profit with a one-time or monthly donation. The Painted Maze relies on the generous support of donors, friends and sponsors. Partner with us and join the fight. Your donation saves lives!

If you are looking to adopt or have a horse you can no longer home and see slaughter pricing as your only option please reach out.

Sponsor a friend

Want to spend some time with us here on the ranch? There is always so much to do. Tell us about yourself and how you want to contribute. We always need help from spa days to mucking but also welcome those with natural horsemanship skills to join us too! 

"Spending time with the horses and The Painted Maze family gives me an escape, a place where I feel grounded and pure happiness." 

                         -Kayla A. -Head Volunteer 


Do you want to join forces with The Painted Maze? Let us know who you are and what you do so we can help each other help more horses. Generations of horses have suffered at the hands of humans. Over 100,000 horses are sent to slaughter each year in the US. It is documented by the USDA that over 90% are in good condition and can live out a productive life if given the chance. We strongly believe that if a viable and easily accessible alternative exists for those who can no longer home their equines we can bypass this cruel system. We are building this alternative by joining rescues together nationwide. Let's do this!


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