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Become a Rescue Warrior

We are so grateful for you! We couldn't do this without your generosity!


Each member of the Painted Maze has  unique nutritional requirements. These can include alfalfa, complete or senior feed,  vitamin supplements, beet pulp, extra omegas and monthly Sand Clear. The average monthly cost to feed one horse is $150-$200. 


Help us fill our equine's bellies with all the good stuff!

The health and wellness of our rescues is of the utmost importance to us. We ensure dental care, wormer, vaccines, routine wellness check-ups and engage emergency veterinary care when needed. Costs for routine services range from $250 upward with emergency vet services well into the thousands. 

Our farrier comes out about every eight weeks. It is roughly $360 a year for hoof maintenance for each horse.



Help support the health and wellness of our equines.


Rescuing an equine from the kill pen has several financial components. The bail price of the animal, potential emergency veterinary care,  boardingquarantine and transportation fees. Many of our rescues will make a long journey across many states to our sanctuary in California. The price to free an animal varies greatly but can range from $600 to $2,000 alone. Boarding, quarantine, and transportation is upwards of $800. Emergency veterinary care can range  anywhere from $250 into the tens of thousands. 

When we can we love to contribute to saving animals going directly to approved home offers or other rescues trying to pull as many equines as they can. Working together saves more lives than working alone!


A lot goes into maintaining safe and beautiful grounds for our equines. Farms require ongoing upkeep. Fencing, repairs, shelter expansion, efficient piping for water troughs and farm vehicle maintenance are regular expenses. There is always something to clean up and something new to build. There is no limit to the cost associated with Farm Maintenance and any amount is welcomed. 



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